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Cheers to Artsy Couture| Northern Utah Photographer

Dear Photographers,
  This post is just for you. A special one. You will understand my excitement over the little things & today, I got a package... This one to be exact.

Now, there's only a few possible things it could be to get me so excited. The box is way too big for a lens (bummer) or a camera (BIG bummer)! So, what else do we photogs get excited about?? Yup. A canvas.
I've ordered canvas before. I've done the DIY canvas too (shhhhhh, I'm not too thrilled to admit that)! In fact, I just ordered a few canvases for my living room a couple of weeks ago. Oh, how I wish I would have waited. Here's why:

   This 'bubbly' package is from Artsy Couture. Packaged so well, I almost woke my 2 year old up from her nap to help me open it. My scissors and I were in a 'battle zone' for a minute, but I got it opened & I literally said, 'WOW' the second I saw the canvas!
   After signing up on, I instantly had my sign up info and 'Welcome' letter sitting in my inbox. Fast customer service? Yes, please. Downloading their software was a breeze. Artsy uses ROES software. WHCC & McKenna Pro are two others I've used ROES for while ordering. I am sure there are more!  ROES is a simple great way to order, so it was nice to see a 'familiar' software being used with Artsy as well!
   The entire process with Artsy Couture, I only came across two little things that were not top notch, over the top amazing. Now, I don't know if this first one is a ROES thing or an Artsy thing. Either way, it's not a big deal, and it will NOT prevent me from ordering from Artsy again..I will be, no doubt! When using ROES you select a 'folder' from your computer from which to chose your photo from. I personally, have one large folder on my computer titled 'Rachel Eve Photography'. Inside this folder, I have about 14 other folders, one being 'Sessions'. In my 'Sessions' folder, I have each separate session. Now, typically, I select the particular session folder I am ordering from. When I was placing this order, I couldn't select the one session folder. I couldn't even select my 'sessions' folder. I had to select the entire 'Rachel Eve Photography' folder...Not a big deal, except it wasn't so much fun scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of (now) unorganized photos to find the one I needed. After that, it was a BREEZE!
   I did NOT opt for color correction with this order. The colors were SPOT on with out it. I am VERY pleased!
  The ONLY other 'downfall' was the turn around time. The turn around time was a few days longer than the other company I have previously ordered with, and the time to get the canvas was almost an entire week longer..which, when you're anxious, you know can seem like an ETERNITY! Again, not something that would derail me from ordering again. Now, I know and can plan accordingly. Okay, now, let's fast forward to the good stuff.
   I was just going to write a blog post about my experience with Artsy, because it really has been great. BUT, I thought I'd take it one more step and do a photo, side by side comparison with this 'other' company to SHOW you what I mean.

First of all, I wish I could somehow show you the weight difference. I couldn't believe how much heavier, and how sturdy the ARTSY canvas was. I never thought the 'other' company was light, or bad, etc. UNTIL, I felt this heavy duty ARTSY canvas.

Here is a corner from the ARTSY canvas. The other 3 corners are identical. They are PERFECT. 

Here is a corner from the 'other' company. Not super even, and you can see the little white edge. You don't see this when it's hanging, so it's not a HUGE deal. However, keep in mind presenting these to your clients. I pretty sure a client would prefer to pay more $$ for the better quality canvas. First impressions ARE EVERYTHING! 

This next part REALLY is the winner for me. Below is a picture of the hardware from the 'other' company. Cheap, probably .99 from Lowes & nailed to the board. It was a PAIN to hang on my wall because it was SO flimsy. You would not believe (okay, maybe you would) how RIDICULOUS I looked trying to hang three of these canvases with the flimsy hardware. It was bad.

So, the 'other' company includes two pieces of the cheap-o hardware. It's almost like they have bulk of canvas and just pick one to print on, without paying attention which direction it hangs. Why not invest in stronger hardware and have one hanging in the direction of the photo?

Oh, wait...Artsy Couture does! When you order on ROES, you pick the orientation. This is why. This stuff is hardcore. I even tried to yank on it. I hung it on my wall in two seconds flat. Easy. Peasy.

But, wait, it gets EVEN BETTER!!!! #1 reason why ARTSY COUTURE is my new canvas company: Those little clear doo-hickey's on the bottom corners. Yes, I just said doo-hickey's and that's as technical as I can get. 

See? There it is again.
The 'other' company is on the left. ARTSY is on the right.

Why do I love this little clear doo-hickey so much?? Take a look!

These canvases are from the 'other' company. Color/print wise, I couldn't tell a difference with Artsy and with the 'other' company. BUT, check out that GAP?! Okay, not so bad with just two canvases like above right? Well, what about three??

Can you tell how BAD it annoys me with the million angles you're seeing?! 

IF this 'other' canvas company had used those cool clear 'doo-hickey's' this annoying, horrible looking GAP would not be an issue! I want to hug whoever it is at ARTSY who thought of this wonderful 'devise'. It will save me A LOT of time staring at my wall trying to decide how to 'fix' it. Let me tell you, when I buy a canvas, I shouldn't have to 'fix' anything.

So, there you have it. There's a reason some 'other' companies are cheaper. I honestly, will invest the extra few bucks and wait the extra few days to order from Artsy Couture for my home AND for my clients.
 'Cheers' to ARTSY COUTURE

P.S. Look how FLAT it hangs against the wall???! {Squeeeeel}!   ;)


  1. I've ordered the art cubes from Artsy and was so pleased. I'm glad you had the same experience with their canvas! I'm looking forward to ordering their mini canvas sets and especially now after this glowing review. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful review. I admit I'd heard dismal things about Artsy's shipping but this has given me incentive to give them a go.

  3. I know exactly who the "other" canvas company is...I've had SEVERAL issues with them. Including putting their cheapo hardware on TWO wrong sides so I can't hang it properly. I love a different canvas company, but I am definitely going to be trying Artsy Couture. I love them, I just haven't ordered a canvas from them yet. :) Thanks for the post!

  4. Thank you for sharing, very helpful!!

  5. Awesome! I will certainly be ordering from them now. I was having my doubts. Thanks for this great review :)

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